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A Walk through the Old Braidwood Cemetery     Christine Wright                                                       $30.00   +  $8.50 postage


A Colonial Woman                                                                 Patricia Clarke                                                $25.00     +     $8.50 postage              

The life and times of Mary Braidwood Mowle

A New Melba:The tragedy of Amy Castles                Jeff Brownrigg                                                       $10.00     +     $13.80 postage                 

 Amy Castles was promoted as the person most likely to replace Melba.

All about Braidwood's climate                       Roger Hosking                                                                          $ 4.00     +     $8.50 postage

Practical handbook and descriptive guide


Araluen                                                                                    Editor Roslyn Maddrell                                       $22.00     +     $8.50 postage                  

A History Through Photographs     1840-2000


Australian History - Five Historical Plays          Netta Ellis                                                                $2.00     +     $8.50 postage                  

Five one act plays for the classroom

  Ballalaba to the Badja and Beyond                 Conahan, Cooper & Hindmarsh                                       $26.00     +     $13.80 postage                   Ageneral history of the region. 165 pages black and white photos     


Bedervale                                   extract from "Pastoral Homes of Australia"                                             $10.00     +     $8.50 postage                  

Home of Coghill-Maddrell Families  1836 - 1973 

Black McIntosh to Gold                                      Lois Shepheard                                                            $25.00     +     $8.50p ostage                   

The history of a Scottish family's migration from the north of Scotland to the NSW Goldfields in the 1800s

Braidwood Central School                                Mary Anne Bunn                                                          $6.00     +     $8.50 postage                    

85 pages including photos to celebrate the school's sesquicentennial year 

Braidwood and District Post Offices & People Roslyn Maddrell                                                $8.00     +     $13.80 postage                   

298 pages

 Braidwood, Dear Braidwood                                     Netta Ellis                                                            $26.00     +     $13.80 postage                

Definitive history of Braidwood & District     214 pages                                                                    TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Braidwood Goes to the Movies                               Robert Parkinson and Christine Wright              $5.00     +     $8.50 postage

A celebration of 100 years of screening and making motion pictures in the Braidwood district

Braidwood Gold Fields 1850-1860's              Roslyn Maddrell AO                                                         $16.00     +     $8.50 postage             

Descriptions and photographs of the Braidwood Goldfields                                                               OUT OF STOCK

 Braidwood Heritage Historical Photographs     Netta Ellis                                                             $10.00     +     $8.50 postage

A general history of Braidwood with photographs and text - 72 pages

Braidwood Streets & Pioneers                      Norman Whitfield AO                                                    $30.00     +     $8.50 postage             

A short history of our streets - coloured and black/white photographs of Braidwood                 OUT OF STOCK

Capture of the Clarke Gang (DVD)   B'wood & District Hist. Society                                          $10.00     +     $8.50 postage                    150th Anniversary re-enactment of the Capture of the Clarke's plus their Trial filmed in the Braidwood Courthouse.


Deua River Track                                                        Peter Smith                                                               $ 22.00     +     $8.50 postage          

Packtracks and Bridle tracks of South Eastern NSW

Diary of a Bush Teacher                                               Tom Bryant                                                           $8.00     +     $8.50 postage        

Abush school teacher George Samuel Moore 1880-81

Early Days in the Braidwood District 1822-51   Netta Ellis                                          $5.00     +     $8.50 postage

17 pages                                                       

History - Magazine June 2017                          Royal Aust Historical Society                                  $ 3.00     +     $8.50 postage                    

The capture of the Clarkes and other stories


Ireland and descendants                           Marie Nightingale                                                  $25.00     +     $ postage -Contact BDHS   Descendants in Ireland and Australia and includes Father Thomas Mullany

Letters from the front                                                   Roslyn Maddrell                                             $18.00     +     $13.80 postage                    

Letters sent by servicemen to their families in Braidwood, Boer War to WW2

Marching home to Braidwood                             Karen Nelson                                                    $.Yet to priced - Contact BDHS

 100 years of Anzac     



Majors Creek memories                    Ned Dunshea, Brian McDonald                                       $6.00     +     $ postage -Contact BDHS

Depicts life in the village of Majors Creek as told by the late Ned Dunshea, (d. 22.2.1988)

Nerriga on the Wool Road                            Pam Radowitz                                                                          $30.00  +   $8.50 postage

This is an updated version of Pam Radowitz's original book which captures the history and spirit of Nerriga

Memories of the past                                             Brian McDonald                                                       $8.00     +     $8.50 postage                    

Life in the village of Majors Creek over the past 60 years 

Mongarlowe & the Little River Goldfields           Bruce Russell                                                      $8.00     +     $8.50 postage          

86 pages with photographs  

Monumental inscriptions and burials (Braidwood Cemetery)   H&GSC of Canberra             $35.00     +     $13.80 postage

Braidwood Old General Cemetery & Braidwood Lawn Cemetery. 136 p.                                                              

Present Sir                                                                    Roslyn Maddrell AO                                                 $10.00     +     $8.50postage                  

Araluen public school register 1898-1968

Reidsdale Remembered                                                 Jill A.Clarke                                                          $45.00     +      $13.80 postage                 A history of the Irish Corner        


Remembering the Present: A Braidwood Portrait   Terry Milligan                                              $4.00     +     $13.80 postage                 

286 pages of Braidwood portraits                                                                                                                                                                                            

Sassafras - The parish of sixty farms           Robert Snedden                                                     $17.00     +     $8.50 postage

Story of the Post Town at Sassafrass mountain

Scouting in Braidwood                                Laurie Joyce                                                                 $15.00     +     $8.50 postage

Many photographs - history of 1st Braidwood scout group

Silver-screen in the Shoalhaven           Robert James Parkinson                                        $4.00     +     $8.50 postage

History of motion picture exhibition in Shoalhaven

The Capture of the Clarke Gang ( Video)   B'wood & District Hist. Society                                   $10.00     +     $8.50 postage                150th Anniversary re-enactment of the Capture of the Clarke's plus their Trial filmed in the Braidwood Courthouse.

The Clarke Gang: Outlawed, Outcast, and Forgotten     Peter Smith                                               $35.00     +     $13.80 postage   

The highly acclaimed true story of Bushrangers Thomas and John Clarke


The Coles Road                                          Colin McMillan                                                 $1.50     +     $5.50 postage

The story of Coles Road that started in the mid 1800s when Braidwood was a thriving town

The first 100 years Braidwood Fire Service  W.H.Gowen                                                                 $20.00     +     $13.80 postage  

1899-1990. A tribute to the Braidwood fire fighters

The History of Araluen                                             Lindsay & Roger Thwaites                                            $5.00     +     $8.50 postage           Place of water lilies. 31 pages + index of names

The Lonely Pioneer: William Bunn, 1830-1901    Mary Anne Bunn                                                              $45.00     +     $13.80 postage  

Diary of William Bunn 1830-1901

The Tenant Farmers on Monkittee 1859-1930   Roslyn Maddrell AO                                              $25.00     +     $8.50postage

217 pages with photos

Tianjara                                                    Bob Snedden                                                                        $13.00     +     $8.50 postage

Early exploration, settlement and military heritage at Tianja

Towards the finishing post                     Tim Lenehan                                                                         $10.00     +     $13.80 postage

Memories and reflections

Where first I took 2 small steps                Dennis Dempsey                                               $12.00     +     $8.50 postage

The Dempsey story

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